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Naloxone Standing Order Request

Learn more about and request access to the standing order for naloxone below.

Naloxone Standing Order

Any pharmacy or other organization operating in Texas may request our free standing order to distribute naloxone. This standing order allows a pharmacist to dispense naloxone under the authority of the delegating physician in Texas. It also allows any employee or volunteer of a requesting organization to distribute naloxone without a prescription, and allows any pharmacy or organization employee or volunteer to administer naloxone for a suspected opioid overdose. Under Texas law, once you are covered under this standing order, you are protected legally to distribute naloxone to people who want or need it.

Please complete the form at the link below to request access to the standing order. We will review your request within 10 business days and respond. Since the standing order relies upon the licensure of a specific physician, it is critically important that we be able to contact you if the physician on the order changes. As such, please be sure to provide accurate and reliable contact information as requested.

For legal reasons, this order cannot extend outside of Texas.

Request Standing Order